Using openROV without the controller board


Good morning,

I'm interested in making an ROV and I was hoping to be able to model it after openROV. I want to do this as cheap as possible. I have a BeagleBone Black, and Arduino Mega and I know they communicate using a bi-directional logic level converter. I've tried to find more information on this but most links seem to be broken. I have a couple of questions: How could I control the blushless motors using the arduino mega? Can someone provide helpful detailing on how the BBB is connected to the Arduino? What pins exactly go were in regards to the Arduino Mega?

Any help would be appreciated. My goal is to get this to work and write a comprehensive tutorial to help those in the future that might be in my situation.

I am also aware of the of this schematic of the overall communication for the system but I'm looking for a more comprehensive description.



Has anyone attempted to do this? If so, what were your experiences?


Hi Alfredo:

The best place to see how the BeagleBone and Arduino Mega hook together is to look at the schematic for the OpenROV controller board. Here's the link to it on GitHub.

The first page of the schematic shows the assignment of the I/O pins using the Arduino nomenclature.



hai alfredo,

my name is Cecil and im working on an auv, and i saw your forum for an openrov without a controller . i think it i very useful and would increase the limit of the project infinitely . my project blog is . i look forward to share ideas .