Using openROV to align a platform



This is my first post. I’ve logged my first 4 dives now, working out the kinks, but totally in love with my new toy. So I’ve garnered some interest from my fellow broceanographers, and someone was particularly interested:

They are trying to level a moored ADCP perfectly vertically, to within 1/10th of a degree. A diver will be in the water to do this, and under traditional circumstances would be communicating topside to the scientists. The scientists will be looking at live data from the instrument, ensuring the data is OK or seeing that it is not aligned, and provide further instructions to the diver to tilt the instrument. Obviously this is not optimal. After playing with openROV, they had some ideas.

Would it be possible to use the openROV board, BBB, and IMU sensor mounted directly on the ADCP, with some sort of water-proof screen (30 m depth) so that the diver could see the output of the IMU directly? Doesn’t matter if it is the web server interface or just some numbers on a screen. Could we purchase an underwater HDMI monitor and use BBB output directly? Would we need to still have some sort of top-side computer interfaced using the tether?

Eventually, the idea is to have some direct control of the position of the ADCP directly, maybe using a couple of servos…but it seems like all of the hardware is essentially already there on the openROV.

Any thoughts?



That sounds cool. Seems like you simply need to have the IMU + Sealed Etube + Batteries + a LCD cape for the beaglebone. You would not really need the controller board. You might be able to fit batteries inside the etube.