Using openrov system for other kind of ROVer/drone



hi all,
i’ve just bought experimental product OpenROV 2.8 Dev. Kit from store and i want to experiment with a different kind of setup i.e (underwater/surface vehicles/aerial drone).

i had read in few post here where people made modification to the system for example, implementation of extra strafe thruster. which means there are rooms for improvements and modification is possible.

so i have been reading the forum find interesting topics:

i have work with arduino before so i think i should be able to work on it and so i take a peek into the codes in git. unfortunately its beyond my current level. because of interaction of software with browser and other complicated module and etc.

so i wish for somebody kind enough to guide me. first i’m thinking to make a quadcopter drone, i figured that i might be able to use a wifi modem so that a tether isnt needed.

@Walt_Holm have already make a good guide to add extra brushless motor in post above
so i would like to know which part of software i need to play with to control the drone
since drone are likely to have a 6DOF compare to underwater ROV:
possible motion should be (strafe L/R, front/back, pitch,roll,yaw, altitude adjustment)

Hope i cant get enough help to get this working.


As a guy with many years in RC (from cars to 3D helicopter flight to long range FPV quad and planes) I can assure you there would be much easier and safer ways to do this. There are more than a dozen flight controllers built out for just what your wanting. If you are like me and enjoy modifying the code or customizing your setup then i would suggest the pixhawk or if you really want a challenge use the RB pi2. There are plenty of “plug in play” Fight controllers too (Vector, DJI stuff, miniX, etc… Just search quadcopter flight controller and you will see what I mean. I have tried many of them. they all have their quarks but all work. pixHawk is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of stuff. I run Vector in my RC FPV planes.

as a side note i would discourage the use of wifi for any airborne RC application because of a few reasons.

  1. You’re going to be really limited on power because of FCC laws
  2. Everybody has wifi and you will be competing for that freq spectrum
  3. if you run into an issue with the above your craft could lose control would could easily cause damage to someone thing or its self.

for a open source style radio look up the Taranis X9D 9 Plus

But hey just my 2 cents. I love a challenge myself. There is some awesome RC gear out there now days and none of it is outrageous in cost and with modules like the pixhawk you can tailor to your hearts content.


hi, thanks for your interest in this topic.
the reason i want to use this system is that i have a 2.8 kit i use to play with. so after i read few post in here and see what amazing things people come out with, i plan to use the available tools in my arsenal. so i can save some money on the electronics and system and later im buying a 3D printing machine. there is a lot planned with just these stuff.

hope to make some amazing thing.


hi all,i was trying to use open rov controller board with my quadrotor,on the quadrotor i have 4 simon series esc which is plug in D6-D9 pin… and i try to program the esc using this step:

when i reboot all motor are turning at same time without any connection to cockpit… is this because of the difference in esc? are there any remedy to this?