Using openrov 2.6 to Explore the missing civilization at nanmadol site,micronesia in October 1-15,seeking partners and suggestions


We are now buying a 2.6 openrov,and adding some instruments,for the first time go to Micronesia,ponpher,to research the gold mean theory from Aristotle and Yao sun,the great king of orient.we plan use 7-10days to explore the 40meters deep under water around nanmadol,and another seabed site,2.5miles away from the beach.anyone who knows more and has experiences,we need your help.give us suggestions,or even more better just join us together.


Hey Sunny!

This sounds very exciting. You should post this on OpenExplorer:
I'd love to help out however we can.


hi david:

nice to hera you,it's so good to join the openrov.and i have failed twice to buying the 2.6rov.the detail is below,please help me to check what is worry.


From You to Eric Stackpole
Sent Aug 16

i am so sorry interrup you,it's the secend time that i fail to pay for my 2.6openrov by palpal,the detail is below,please help me to find out what's worry.and i will go to micronesia sep 27th,and i need to use my lovely openrov to explore the nanmadol site under water.thanks a lot.sunny from china.

Dear 李 光明,

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OpenROV Inc

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Purchase from OpenROV Inc
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