Using Fat Shark's Transformer Headset Display


Hi All,

Since Fat Shark brought out the Transformer SE Binocular Viewer both the Transformer Full Panel Viewer and the Binocular Viewer have been put on sale. The Full Panel Viewer will display 1280X720 while the Binocular Viewer splits the 720 in half for each eye piece.

I purchased the Transformer Full Panel Viewer discount package from I recommend these Li-ion 18650B batteries to power the Display Viewer and this HDMI cable to connect the output of a laptop to the mini input of the Display Viewer.

Since my up close eyesight is pretty bad I could not focus the full panel with the included lens. My solution was to purchase a set of magnifier lenses and an extension for the Full Panel Viewer display.

The combination of the highest power magnifying lens (3.5 power) and the display extension has allowed me to focus the Full Panel display without any trouble. After removal of the “U” shaped mounting clip on the top of the magnifier lens it fit right in place where the original Transformer magnifier lens is mounted without any modifications. Depending on how bad your close up eyesight is, you may be able to get away with using the included magnifier lens and just the extension.

Hope that this helps those who are looking for an inexpensive headset with HD resolution.


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I was going to use my Fat shark as well but instead I got the DJI Race edition Goggles. WoW they are amazing. After charging & registering with DJI it connects straight away with controller via HDMI chord supplied with the goggles. Huge screen, comfortable & long battery life.

After using for Trident you can fly drones analog digital or Ocusink if you wish to.
My son then watches movies from his SD card lol



A little pricey for me as for the hobby aspect. If I was in business I would probably consider them.



They look pretty good for the price :grinning::+1: I might get a couple to keep as a back up & also for others to watch. I just need to figure how to stream it in the field for others to watch or if splinters will work ?
So much to learn


Gees they are AUD1,300 here and you would not be able to see the cable or what is going on around you. So, would need a safety lookout! Which means a 2 person operation as far as I would be concerned.


I appreciate the feedback because I am also holding back on the decision to use VR goggles due to costs and spatial awareness issues.

I am currently sticking with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 however even this super bright tablet is difficult to use in direct sunlight. Shrouds are not practicable so I am currently exploring the idea of an external HDMI monitor.

I have recently become aware of Raymarine MFD units with HDMI inputs that are being used to control DJI drones (unfortunately my new 9" Axiom unit does not have this capability and I don’t have the room or budget to install one of the new Raymarine Axiom XL units). There might be others…