Using an Xbox one controller?


Has anyone used or attempted to use an Xbox One controller for control? I see a few people have had trouble with the 360 controller and would imagine the newer controller would be an improvement in the event it works within the required framework. My 2.7 kit arrived today and I look forward to being able to test soon but figured this would be a great place to see if anyone else has played around with the idea. If anyone is up for a test and has the required hardware you can find drivers for the controllers here . Thank you.


Finished my build and was able to test the xbox one controller usage and it works great. Just download the drivers from Microsoft, connect the controller to your laptop via a micro USB cable and away you go. Does look like I will need to read through some of the threads on controller/stick drift as when I set the controller down and went to check on the ROV in the bathtub all the motors were still running a little. Now I just need to finish untangling my tether(got in a rush to test and did not unwind it properly) and Ill be ready to try and get some Juneau, AK ocean footage.


I just got an XBox One controller setup and working. I had the same ‘drift’ problem as you, as soon as the control sticks went back to center I still got some thrust out of the motors. I found this thread from a while back and it fixed the issue for me. You can edit the gamepad deadzone. I did the same as in the thread though you could experiment and really dial it in if you want.

Hope this helps,


Good to know! I picked up an XBox 360 wireless controller for Windows and I’m curious to see if it does this too once I get my ROV kit in and assembled. My guess is that it might not be as sensitive since it’s not wired in directly.