Using a "Homeplug" for other ethernet devices?


I just had an idea but don’t understand “Homeplugs” well enough to know if this would work. I’m looking at a consumer sonar system that uses a proprietary network (specs say it’s “ethernet-like” and connects via Cat5e cable) to connect the transducer “module” to the display device. I would like to use just 2 wires, instead of 8, to connect the two. That brings me to the homeplug. If this sonar actually uses ethernet, I wonder if the homeplug might work? Or is there firmware in a homeplug that limits its use to a strict ethernet standard? Any homeplug gurus out there?


Hi Stretch:

I would just give it a try and see what happens. You wouldn’t happen to be connecting up some Lowrance boxes, would you? I’ll be curious to hear about how things go.



@Walt_Holm - Close, very close, but not Lowrance. :wink: Don’t want to say too much until I’ve had a chance to fully test it. If you’re on Facebook, keep an eye on my company’s page: