Use ROV to attach a line?


Hi all ROV engineers.
I’ve been thinking about a system for recovering heavy objects from the sea floor.
Something that would let the ROV carry a line (running up to the surface) or possibly an inflatable buoy.
The ROV would need something like a clamp/gripper/carabinier/hook that is detachable from the ROV when it has a firm grip on the object.

I keep thinking that such an “attach and release” system should already exist somewhere in another field but I’ve been unable to find anything similar on the web.

If the object shape allows I suppose the simplest solution would be to have an ROV gripper holding a carabinier or a hook, attach it and open the claw but I feel this would fail more often than not.

The best thing would be a clamp that locks when closed as much as it can around the object and then is released by the ROV but anything I come up with seems very complicated and I only have a small 3D printer, not an advanced CNC setup/workshop…

Just wanted some ideas from all the imaginative people here…


Hei Andreas, did you check this thread alredy: OpenROV Gripper, Grabber, Manipulator ?


Thanks, I’ve read most of it before and it touches on what I’m after.
In my mind I see something like a clamp that has a spring release that activates when the clamp is pushed against something (quite hard) which makes the clamp snap shut and simultaneously releases it from the ROV… Unless it’s something delicate you want to attach it to of course :slight_smile: