USB power reg for topside



I ordered this component to power the topside adapter.

I thought it would to the trick since it has 3,3V output.
While it´s able to initially power up the board for a short time, it fails once the tether is added.

Could some one please point me in the right direction in finding a suitable component?

Not using the Tenda board btw.


Does it have 5v and 3.3v? Or just 3.3v?
You need 5v across the tether to switch the ROV on.


It has both, but frankly I´m not building an OpenROV. In this case the ROV is not turned on by tether.
All i really need is to get the communication board powered up, but the component ( for some reason) is not able to reliably do that. 3,3V from Raspberry Pi seems to work nicely ( so I get the ROV side powered up without problems).