US Bathymetry Data Site


For anyone interested in bathymetric vector data in US territorial waters...and some international waters as well, here are a couple of links to NOAA and Texas A&M University (GIG EM AGGIES!!!!)

After reading the article I posted previously, the marine science bug started buzzing again. What I wouldn't give to get back to the coast and into the marine sciences again!

Not sure if any of you have experience working with GIS and shapefiles to build maps. If anyone wants to learn how to make these maps using commonly available software, please let me know and I'll be glad to help out. I am certain there is a way to integrate this technology into the OpenROV project


Here is another one for Texas and Louisiana

That link should contain bathymetric contours covering most of the NW Gulf of Mexico.

These shapefiles can be read by a variety of affordable and often FREE GIS packages. Check out QGIS for example. A good paid application is Global Mapper. It is about $500 for a license, but it handles 3D data much better than ESRI ArcGIS (at $4000 per seat).


Here's another one showing both vectors (lines) and raster/gridded bathymetry for the northern GOMEX. As soon as I can find recent current data, I'll layer it into the map so you can see where the major Gulf currents (Gulf Stream, etc) all flow in relation to the depth contours.

Not sure if this data was generated from sonar or other sensors. If you look closely, you can see that the max depth is 12,994,561 feet!!!!!