Urgently need a ROV that can move (while glued to) a neutrally buoyant a 15 pound, 6" long section of 18" diameter pipe at up to 100m


Hi! My name is Yuan and I entirely new to ROVs. I no hardware building experience, so pardon my lack of technical vocabulary. I am seeking a ROV–preferably off the shelf but I understand there may be substantial hacking or jury rigging required. So far the Aquabotix Endura looks like the best fit of what I’ve been able to find but I would prefer it were slightly more powerful, and could be tethered to its battery. Furthermore, there are tons of features and niceties of the Endura that I don’t need and would prefer a leaner, hacked-together device if possible. I am prepared to compensate very competitively for such a build. My email is yuanw@princeton.edu; I would be grateful for any leads or help.


You might want to consider the Blue Robotics BlueROV2. It is very powerful for its size and has a reasonable price tag.
IMHO I do not believe that a lean, hacked-together device is going to meet your requirements especially for operation at 100 meters.