Updating stuck at 100% downloading

just kind of sits there. it’s been 30 minutes with no other feedback. i interrupted by clicking ‘abort’ but that didn’t do anything. it just sat there. after a minute or so i did a reboot of my device.

then when i went back to the app, it goes to the dashboard screen and just saying “update in progress”.

and then after i push the ‘update in progress’ square it takes me back to the 100% downloaded page and just sits there again…

any ideas? seems pretty broken.

app version 1.6.0
trident software version: 719eb7

i shut everything down, let the triton charge for a while, and then booted everything back up and tried again.

this time it worked.

so yeah, it looks like version 1.6.0 has some problems with update reliability, but i guess it worked out okay.