Updating 30.1.0 doesn't work


We are using a 2.8 ROV, with the IMU 2.0, and SW 30.0.2. in window.
And we try upgrading the software to 30.1.0.

But, our camera doesn’t work.

We also searched for forums.
But, we could not find the answer.
What should we do?

Hurry up, please.

We waiting for your answer. Thank you.


You have to connect to https://[address]/

Don’t use port 8080 anymore.

Hope that helps!


I connected to rov / openrov.net / cockpit.
But the error was still.
And I start nginx with ‘sudo systemctl start nginx’ on wetty.
There was no change…:cry:


Odd. If your connecting via https vs http, and still having trouble, then that is indeed odd. I believe that version has an “about” applet that has a button that produces a debug report. If you could upload that resulting .json file we can try looking at that to see what is going on.