Updated BOM!


We've updated the BOM to include all the latest upgrades. You can check it out here. We'll be adding more links and sources as we come across better suppliers. Let us know if we missed anything!

Trial run of new equipment for shipwreck expedition

Looking good! Not as detailed as the other BOM but at least it's coming along.

Why are there two different sized O-rings now? What kind of single-twisted-pair wire have you chosen for the kits? Are the nylon spacers there so you can attach the props?

Also, the link for those syringes on amazon is for 100 of them. If you need two, I think there was a forum user who bought a bulk pack and is willing to give them out.

Do you plan on adding the ethernet-over-powerline adapters any time soon, or is that still in the prototype stages?


I did quite a bit of shopping around for tether wire (single twisted pair), and the best deal seemed to be Jameco. However, I was judging solely on price and not connection.


One quick note: the original ESC's appear to be out of production. Hobyking is recommending the following as a replacement: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24290__Turnigy_TrackStar_18A_1_18th_Scale_Brushless_Car_ESC_USA_Warehouse_.html

I also think the links for the motors and the ESCs are reversed.


Your absolutely right Ben. I just received mine in the mail and they can’t be programmed like the old ones.
I started a forum thread about it.