Update on my builds


I have been busy this past winter upgrading my build to the new controller Board and BBB along with changing my motors to the same as those used in the Open ROV. Had some Thrusters 3D printed and switched my lights to smaller housings and added the Lasers, IMU and another light under the ROV. Now I am all ready for the testing to see how this puppy performs. With the smaller motors I should reduce the ESC over temp conditions I had with the bigger motors and hoping the new thrusters give me better performance. I also added a Poly cord to my tether for added security and recrecovery. My next effort will be to add a gripper arm but for now I just want some play time. Here is a picture of my updated older build using the BBW & Cape and the other with the 2.6 Controller Bd.

Sand BBB. This should be a great summer to explore I am so looking forward to this Yahooooo Thanks to everyone for all the work that you have put into this project.


Really cool David!! This inspired me to go through and find all the OpenROV derivatives. There's way more than I thought. Yours will headline Part 2 of that series!