Update on Long Range Wireless Buoy project?


I read the thread from 3 years ago (with great interest): Long Range Wireless Buoy and am wondering if there may be an update with insights. I have an application for this that I’d like to pursue but would like to have more information on the outcome of what was begun in 2015.


Hi @gregg.banse- Thanks for checking in about this! We’ve continued chatting about this sort of idea internally ever since we experimented with it a long time ago, but haven’t gotten around to making updated prototypes per se. As it happens, these types of discussions have been coming up a bit more frequently recently so it might be a good time to re-visit the idea in earnest. To get an idea of what to optimize for, could you describe the specific application you’re going for?


Hi @Eric_Stackpole,
Thanks for the reply. We’re a maritime museum responsible for the care and promotion of an underwater dive preserve (currently at 10 shipwrecks) in Lake Champlain (between Vermont & New York). Not many people get to see these wrecks other than divers and the few we take out on a boat and use a tethered ROV to tour with. But that’s a very limited audience. I’d like to do these ROV dives and broadcast them into school classrooms with a narrated audio feed on top of the video feed so the kids can not only see the shipwreck but get the history behind them and be able to ask questions.