Update on BeagleBone Cape Development!


As we've discussed before, we've been using the BeagleBone as the embedded system for the ROV. We're currently designing a cape (you can read more about capes here) to break out to the microcontroller that will supply servo output to control the ESCs for the brushless motors and host other peripherals like a pressure sensor or robotic arm.

In this short video, Bran and Eric discuss the progress they've made:

Bran posted a comment in the forums with a further update. We're currently exploring the best way to upload and share the PCB design. Looks like Upverter is the best bet.

As always, if you have any ideas or feedback feel free to chime in.


Bill Mar says on G+...

GitHub should be the place to distribute design files from all formats in order to let everyone contribute regardless of toolchain. This on-going epic battle over hardware toolchains is still raging, so resist adopting an official toolchain for OpenROV now. Being an old fart, I'll start submitting my paper napkin design drawn with crayon/lipstick


I agree with David's comment. Git should be the place to share not only your H/W designs, but your S/W designs/sources as well. You might find that you'll end up adopting it as your official distribution medium.


It looks like y'all are leaning towards using an ARM Cortex-A8 SoC for your GPU since you are exploring with the BeagleBone. Is the ARM something y'all are strongly considering? If so, have you looked at the Gumstix as full development/deploy platform? The reason I ask is because the BeagleBone really isn't intended to be a full development/deployment platform. Just something to wet your appetite to the full potential/applications of TI's ARM Cortex-A8 SoC. In addition, the Gumstix has an impressive resume within open source robotics applications too. Also, what OS are you guys currently using on your BeagleBone? Linux or something else? Have you considered using RTLinux or some other real-time framework for motor/peripheral control? Sorry for all the questions, but when I saw the BeagleBone in the video I got really interested. I'm really curious about this endeavor because this is something that I really enjoy doing at work, add additionally as a hobby.


why arent we doing this for space?

Is there anything similar in the works?