Update BeagleBone from 2.5 to 2.5.1


Hello guys, I’ve got a question. I follow all the steps in this page Instructions: Burning SD card image on windows , but when I try to do the flash update, I connect the BeagleBone directly to the PC, I wait 14 minutes but anything happened . All the 4 blue LEDS blink. What did I do wrong? I’ve got the 2.6 rov with this software version:

openrov-avrdude ‐ 6.0.1-1
openrov-cloud9 ‐ 0.7.0-2
openrov-cockpit ‐ 2.5.0-maint-26
openrov-dtc ‐ 1.4-1
openrov-image ‐ 2.5-16
openrov-ino ‐ 0.3.6-1
openrov-mjpeg-streamer ‐ 2.0-1
openrov-nodejs ‐ 0.10.17-1
openrov-samba-config ‐ 0.1-1

thank you so much.


Did you ignore the flash image download pointed to in those instructions and instead grab the latest 2.5.1-flash image from the bottom of the product page:http://www.openrov.com/products/2-7.html?