Unstable volatge and battery


Good morning everybody :slight_smile:

On behalf of my friend, who is a happy owner of your product I am posting this request. We have encountered some issues regarding the camera which always stop to work while trying to manouver the ROV. I attached 2 videos to help visualize the issue. You guys have idea what it might be?

Movies are on gDrive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6rtKHZbbzVTdkJtQlQ0OWVobjQ?usp=sharing

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What version of the OpenROV are you using?
It sounds like either the batteries (what type?) are not being fully charged up or you have a bad connection (high resistance) between the battery tubes and the Controller Board that is causing the battery voltage to drop when loaded down by the motors.


Sorry for the delay na in my response. I’ve got the ROV v2.7. Never used before. We managed to built it like 2 months ago.

Our idea is to test to ROV using exterior power supply when the batteries are dismantled.
With such approach we should be able to find out if we should put our concern in the battery tube connection. If everything’s fine - the batteries are the cause. If not… well we will post the info about the outcome.
What do you think about such approach?

Thanks a lot for the tip!



That sounds like a good start to determine where the power loss is located.