Unstable images/arudino


Hi All,

Jamie here, AGAIN!

wondering if any one has some solutions. Hisotry here is I sent the entire ROV back to the USa to the guys at openrov. Came back working with a new image on the SD card. Got everything working then was doing some dry run testing and the red light died on the system and everything stopped. Could not get it to go, so relaod, on a new SD card the latest image. Then uploaded the arduino code from the card as per instructions. Turned the rov off, and restarted it and no red led. Uploaded the arduino code again and DID NOT restart the ROV. Got the red led going, got the camera going got the lights going and the thrusters. Turned the ROV off and restarted it. Nothing, no red led zip zero ziltch. Reloaded the arduino code and di not turn it off, got the red led back and the camera and nothing else. Turned it off anf on again and nothing once more. Put the old image on from the guys in the USA (ie reinserted the old sd card) and no red led or nothing

HAve to admit getting SERIOUSLY frustrated with this entire project. Any ideas greatfully accepted



Hi Jamie

Sorry to hear that you are having so many issues with your ROV. What are you using for the Power Source to test the ROV? Please let us know the Voltage and Current rating of the Power supply or are you using the LiPo Batteries? If you have a volt meter it would be helpful to take some readings on the test points while the ROV is turned on. +12, +5 & 3.3V


Hi David,

thanks for the reply. I'm using a continous 12 volt power supply 4amp current. All voltages are as I would expect at the various points ie 12 volts into the ROV etc. I'm starting to think I'm jinxed!



Hi Jamie

It could very well be that you are running into Power Supply issues. 4A may not be enough to handle the surge currents required by the motors and ESC's which in turn could cause drop outs for +5V or noisy DC Power. The best way to remove this ? mark is to use the LiPo batteries or if you do not have those use a Car Battery just to test it with. Let us know if this helps.