Unknown connector. Please help me


I’m pleased of being a member of this forum. I have a rov and my next project is to build one on my own.

Related to my present rov, I would like to build a car charger, but I’m not able to find the connector.

Here, you have some pictures.

Do you know the type of connector??

Thanks in advanced

Looks like a variant of a 4-pin GX 12 connector, AKA a 4-pin M12 connector. Sometimes called an Aviation Connector. I think the recesses between the connector holes might be superfluous, and the key at the bottom is on point for GX12, but there’s also a keyway at 10 o’clock which is not part of a GX12 but wouldn’t prohibit a male GX 12 from connecting. Can you take a picture of it with a ruler (metric) in plane with the face of the connector? Also consider just cutting it off and putting a more common connector in its place.