Underwater (waterproof at least) Servo, Anybody Tried it Yet

Hey folks, looks like Hobbyking has underwater servos…

Does anybody have any experience with them yet?

Might order a few to test out.

please let us know if they work at depth.
Have had them in a few cars and they work good but never underwater at depth
I still put them inside of balloons to waterproof them
I would like to see a high torque version of these

There is no waterproofing spec stated. No statement about how they waterproofed them. I just seal mine with epoxy after filling with lubricant or castor oil.

That’s pretty good idea. Oil compensate and seal off. How have they been working? Do you have any photos / videos?

Ill have to make a video. The process is not hard. Experience I have came from design of underwater transducers. We designed them for several thousand feet in depth and filled them with warm castor oil, and slowly to allow the air to be released from voids. We used rubbergaskets, but with our ROVs, simply sealing them with silicone will do. We have a lube for seals that I used for mine and had no failures indepths less than 100 feet (less than a dozen dives so and far).