Underwater VR headset


I had an idea for which I couldn’t find a retail solution online. It doesn’t apply to the available OpenROV kits but it does apply to underwater exploration so I wanted to share -

It would be cool to drop a 360 degree camera with a really bright 360 degree light source down on a heavy weight (e.g. downrigger ball). Video feed would travel up the tether to a VR headset. The length of the tether could be controlled by a simple manual or electric reel. I imagine that as the boat travels, the VR headset wearer would have the sensation of flying, with the ability to look around 360 degrees and control camera depth. I think it would be possible to achieve extreme depths with this too.

Any input/ideas are appreciated!



I could see using 360vid camera but good 360 light is gonna suck a LOT of power. also need to position it so as not to blind the camera. then there is making a waterproof housing for the camera+lights. One of the FPoV drone headsets would be a simpler start.


Haven’t you seen this video of the Trident with a 360 camera attached? You can rotate the video and look in all directions :slight_smile:


I believe, correct me if I am wrong, but that 360 camera recorded the footage and then had to be retrieved off a SD card for upload and viewing (after the dive).

What would be super sweet is to mount a product like this (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/244975696/twoeyes-vr-360-camera) and have it stream the footage back to a VR head set (not sure if it supports this yet). What you would get is not only 360 degree viewing, but have that in stereo to have depth perception while flying the ROV. In my mind, the experience of flying an ROV should make you feel like you are there in the water and able to look around.


Ah yes, my bad :slight_smile: I wonder if it would be possible to stream the video via Tridents built in wifi to the Trident, and then up to surface trough the tether, or if the wifi signal is too week to transfer video from one device to the Trident under water…

But yes, it would be pretty cool to do!