Underwater video enhancement solution

We at EyeROV during our ROV underwater inspections had faced problems like colour loss, image degradation in murky waters etc… Most of this degradation is due to wavelength-dependent absorption and scattering including forward scattering and backward scattering. We have developed and implemented multiple underwater video/image enhancement algorithms to solve this problem. We have used a combination of different AI-based enhancement techniques to develop our software, which can be applied in different underwater conditions. Check out our sample video and enhanced results here

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

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Thanks for sharing those some interesting results. How does it perform under close-to-surface conditions where the sun flicker is noticeable? (e.g. very shallow structures)

Hi Jose,
This is basically a deep learning technique and it is also efficient for enhancing shallow structure videos.
Depending on the lighting condition, it will choose the enhancement method.
Thank you.