Underwater Operation


Hey Guys,

So I am experiencing some weird behavior with my ROV. When it is outside of water it does the following:
1-When I press forward, the motors keeps rolling forward for like 2 minutes straight and then cuts off, then it restart itself, and then work again, and so on.

When in water, and when I press forward, the motors revolve for for like 10 seconds. Then, it cuts off, and it restarts, and then does the same thing over and over again. Please help.


First question: What ROV model… 2.7? 2.8?

First thing to check. Batteries. If for some reason you only have a single battery tube providing power and/or low batteries, they can suck the power down far enough to reboot the beaglebone. If the last command the motors received was go forward it will stick that way until it gets a new command. This was fixed in later software releases with the ‘deadman’ switch feature.


I have two battery tubes, and I think they are both functional. Is there a way to find out if one of them is only functional?
What Software release you are referring to? I have the 30.0.2 installed.