Underwater LED Lights


It's fairly inexpensive and easy to create high power LED underwater lights. Like most everything to do with an ROV it comes down to the pressure vessel. These PVs were made from machined PVC with acrylic end cap. The wires are sealed using standard 150PSI screw down wire seals. These dimmable lights were made using the CREE 3-UP LED that is attached to a large aluminum heat sink with thermal epoxy. They are controlled through an Arduino.


Very cool! Is that an ROV that you built? Did you write the software for the GUI?


Hi David. Yes... I've been playing with this for about a year. It started off as a project to show my grandson about robotics and then it started to take a life of its own! I have been through many revisions and learned a whole lot.

As for the GUI, yes, I wrote it using VB.NET. It talks with the Arduino and displays all of the collected data (temperature, depth, heading, voltage, heartbeat, etc.) on a custom overlay -- the video is, like the OpenROV, from a web cam. I used the MicroSoft LifeCam and cut the bottom foot off so it fits in its own pressure vessel. Like the folks at Make Magazine, I like to void warranties! :)


It's so easy, even my wife can run it! She probably wouldn't appreciate that... but, seriously, this was the first time she ever tried to control a robot and she was able to do it with no problem.


Terry Lease -

For your GUI, is that a "true" video overlay, meaning that your software embeds the data into the video stream? or is that done simply via transparent labels & such over the video stream (not actually in the video stream)?


WE actually design and build LED lights for commercial and educational development as you can see from the videos in West Africa were i was flying a construction ROV for VALCO we have fitted our LED lights great output and good for 1000Mtrs

Above shows the ADS diver suit fitted with our LED lighting system running 24VAC from surface tether, unit is working at 450Mtr SWD, however the lighting units are good for 1000Mtr but can be custom built for any requirement.

Above is testing with our lighting system doing a comparison of the LED light, using the ADS diver system

These lighting units use the Cree MCE units custom designed we run at 1000mA and had the ability to use 9-36VDC or AC depending on the application.