Underwater Internet?


Frank pointed out on the forums that the Dutch Ministry of Defense is spearheading an international effort to develop wireless underwater communication - underwater internet. The stories I could find were sporadic. (For example, this one.)

Let us know if you find anything else about this!


Hi David,

I found an aricle about Joachim Blank, master of informatics at the university of ulm (Germany) from 2009. The article says that he has invented a modem for underwater communication an he is working on an autonomic underwater robot.

The article: http://www.uni-ulm.de/en/home2/press/campus-aktuell/pressemitteilung/article/drahtlos-unt.html

I also found a book on amazon, but it is only available in german: http://www.amazon.de/Unterwasserkommunikation-Joachim-Blank/dp/3639160991

I wonder why there is not more information available to this topic - I would really love a wireless ROV ;)


There are UW communications setups that divers have been using for quite a while. My PSD team uses the Buddyphone system from OTS. If I had more electronics skill I would look into reverse engineering those transcevers to wirelessly communicate. They are PTT so not a 2 way communicator.


Those systems use acoustic modems which are bandwidth limited. Wireless, as in WiFi, etc, is not used due to attenuation in water. It's important to note that wireless in air versus water are 2 different application domains, using two different methods. I'm by no means an acoustic engineer but from some folks I've had talks with, acoustic modems are good for short range, low bandwidth voice/data. Once you get into real-time, significant distant, image data, etc, things degrade quickly.


I point you to the following paper that gives a good review of the tech for such a system and short falls due to the "stuff" in our seas.

"Underwater Wireless Sensor Communications in the 2.4 Ghz ISM Frequency Band", Jaime Lloret , Sandra Sendra, Miguel Ardid and Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues