Underwater Arm/Manipulator based on the OpenHand adaptive robot hand



This is an awesome adaptive robot hand that is open source and 3D printable - Yale OpenHand

It is based on the SDM hand, which is naturally adaptive by design and can easily and robustly grasp objects any size, shape and orientation from any angle; which would make it perfect for an ROV manipulator. Here's a nifty video of the SDM hand in action. btw, this hand has spawned designs that have won the DARPA ARM-H competition, and are currently being used by iRobot for their IED robots. So this hand rocks, and is quite field proven.

Since this hand is cable driven, all it would need is a modified waterproof 1-dof actuator, and PRESTO we have a spiffy ROV manipulator! I'm going to be working on making a nice liquid compensated manipulator based on this hand design, and Ill be posting updates here!

here are links to relevant papers:

OpenHand Paper

Original SDM hand


Go Colin - I am looking forward to this ad on. "Open the pod bay doors, HAL"


Colin, any updates? I've dug up some other designs and schematics for Yaskawa motor housings for ~100m depth but have yet to start construction.


I completely forgot to post this. We made a few prototypes of the Yale open hand a month or so ago as part of one of the ROV projects out here in Livermore. It's a neat little guy, and we are currently adapting it to water application. I'll write up a review with a colleague and post it with pictures, etc. If you don't see a report in the next week, and if your interested, ping me. More to come!


The PDF reminded me of a video I had seen about artist Jacques Monestier, among his amazing work was this hand:

Tried to write to him a few times about it, but didn’t hear back.