Understanding the end-cap assembly


I'm glad to see some documentation starting on the setup of the end-caps.

I can't say I'm entirely clear about the role of the syringe. I assume it is to vent the internal chamber to change the pressure differences. So, a syringe is cut at the 0.2mL mark and fused to the internal plastic circle? The syringe tip is left intact pointing inward? Some pictures or a video of this step would be particularly helpful.

Also, it mentions a white acrylic triange, is this in the pdf file on the git hub?




Great update! So the syringe doesn’t get potted / covered and doesn’t leek at pressure?


Also, what does the blue triangle go? must it be glues on top of the white triangle?

The syringe is a new addition to the list of parts: hope at least these ones have a standard size and in EU there is the same diameter as in the US :)


Same question about how to prepare the plunger.


I take the plunger out as I'm making the end caps. You'll want to cut it eventually, with the end of the plunger sticking out a few centimeters. I'll post a pick shortly.