Undersea Plastic Pollution


We've all seen the pictures of albatross dead on Midway Island and heard of the floating "plastic soup" in the gyres of the world. But it seems that's literally the tip of the iceberg. Much of the plastic that gets dumped into the ocean sinks.

At a tiny untouristed cove in southern Maine, I'm finding hundreds -- sometimes thousands -- of bits of plastic wreckage washing up weekly. Here's one collection from 150 feet of beach front back on July 12:

Scarily, most of it is the denser varieties of plastic that sink and bounce around near the seafloor. Very little is known about just how much man-made junk is on the seafloor, and how it moves about low in the water column. I'd -love- to be able to use an OpenROV to study my cove's seabed, learn what's down there, how much, and how it's impacting the ecology of the seafloor and coastlines. What a great thing OpenROV is!