Under ice


I had #241 in the pond 3 times over the weekend. Using the IMU sensor you can tell water temperatue and depth. Water temperatue at the ice surface was 35F and down 8 to 9 feet was 37-38F. We have had very cold temperatures and the ice was around 4 inche thick which I cut with a chain saw.

I was keeping the OpenROV at depth by using the 7 and 8 keys to keep the vertical motor running. We need a way in Open Cockpit of setting a depth and having the rov stay there.


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Cool to see a fish swimming around and yes I agree that a set and hold for depth would be very desirable.

PS. I got my Thrusters 3D printed yahooo !!. and I did a Acetone Vapor treatment which smoothed them out nicely.


Looks good!

I will have to try the vapor treatment.



Here is what I used to do it :) note then temp was lowered to Low once it heated up. It only took a few Minto complete. If bubbles form then you have left it in to long so just sand them off and pop it back in for 40 sec or so to glaze it over.


What specifically do the 7 and 8 keys do? Do they run the motor at the set speed, or do they run at some low speed, then hitting ctrl or shift you can run at full speed?


You are right they keep the motor on at a set rpm. As you tap the key (7 or 8) the motor number on the right side of the screen increases or decreases. So you can find the right motor speed to keep you OpenROV at or near the bottom. Then you can still drive it around.



Oh nice, being able to vary the speed is great. What a good feature.

Good point. I'm just getting familiar with all the software controls. I see now that the speed is indicated on the right as you noted.

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May I know which profile is used ?



I am not sure of what you mean by profile? I am using the 2.5 board and 2.5 image software, chrome, Windows 7, and usually the keyboard for controls, sometimes the x'box 360 controller. I had 241 in the pond under the ice last Sat. and Sunday. Did not see much, but if I stayed on the bottom with the lights on 6 or more fish came in. As soon as I moved they went away. Do you think the lights attract them? I am still getting use to driving it around and watching the data that you have on the screen (depth, temperature, motor speed, battery voltage, direction).


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Yes! Before gopro existed I made my own underwater video camera housing with external lighting. The best video I got out of it was when it sank to the bottom before a dive and just sat still attracting fish with the lights.


Thanks John:

I mean the sectional shape of the thuster(Propeller duct), and general dimensions.