Under ice diving TIGNES - 2100m



A week of skiing on the alps with divers friends, and you end-up diving when it's - 16°C outside and 2°C underwater...

Before to put my head under the ice, I decided to send my OpenROV 2.5 to explore the area for it's dive #11.

I had few problems during the dive:

-My flight stick (Cyborg-X) that I use normaly to pilot the ROV was completely frozen and could not be used, I've then used the keyboard, but Controls are not as smooth as it's with the stick.

-After 10 minutes of piloting without gloves at -16°C, my fingers came frozen ! I had to stop the ROV dive to warm-up before my scuba-dive !

When I came up to surface, I had about 1 cm of water inside the tube, due to an air purge screw (installed instead of the syringe) that wasn't tight enought, but no dammage to the electronics.


Great view of how well it works under the ice. The biggest problem that I have had so far is seeing the computer screen in bright light so you can navigate in low light conditions under water. I am thinking about making some kind of cover to slip over the laptop screen with a peep hole and hopefully this will block out the sunlight on the screen and make it much easier to navigate. I am not sure if you had the same issue or not.


Hi David,

Yes I had a bit of trouble to see the screen but my laptop (samsung series 7 ULTRA) have a very goog HD screen and I was able to position my screen and have a good vision of the rov as I was not moving on a boat.