Unable to find Beaglebone to update


Im not sure where to put this question.

I have completed most of the build and now am at the update software zone. Im a bit fried trying to figure this out. Im using a Time Capsule for my internet wireless and router. I am finding it most inconvenient to find the IP for the Beagle with this system. I remember my old linksys was much easier to log into and root around. Is anyone else using this kind of router?

Power to the BB looks good, all lights are on.

I have re-imaged the SD card as per the Wiki with no luck.

I have unplugged and plugged the Beagle back in to see if any of the routing table in the Network Utility info changes. Only thing that popped up was an IP of I tried to log in with the terminal program and it said "permission denied".

I have tried to access that IP from chrome on my PC that is on the wireless with no luck either.

All of my internet searches have left me more frustrated.


That address is not correct .255 can't be used.

if you have a android cell phone , download an app called "fing" then scan your network and it will list all your connected devices. The device you are looking for will have texas instrumnets in it's name.

or if you can download "Angry ip scanner"to your pc. and scan for ip addresses.


Hope this helps.




On a Mac you should be able to connect to the BeagleBone via USB, then in the Terminal run:

screen `ls /dev/{tty.usb*B,beaglebone-serial}` 115200

login with rov/OpenROV

ifconfig to get the IP address

Probably also need this driver if you haven't already installed it: http://beagleboard.org/static/beaglebone/latest/Drivers/MacOSX/FTDI/FTDI_Ser.dmg


Thank you!

For some reason the AngryIP would download and install and disappear on my system... I managed to get "Advanced IP Scanner" to work. There was no overt identifying infromation other than a process of elimanating what I knew was on the system.

I have now done the autoupdate (failed) then the manual (failed just like Jessicas post) then the autoupdate again and am up an running!

Thanks again