Ultrasonic technology could eliminate need for tether


This dive computer manufacturer, Liquivision, just introduced a dive computer that can communicate underwater using ultrasonic technology. They claim that their battery-powered wrist dive computer can communicate with other divers and the dive boat up to a distance of 330 feet/100 meters.

It seems to me that this technology could have applications for communicating with an ROV and eliminate the physical tether.

Liquivision Lynx Dive Computer

A quick Google search for underwater ultrasonic communications turns up some research and applications in this area.

Whether there is sufficient bandwidth for video transmission would of course be a big consideration.


Another problem is that tether is needed also as a safety net... I fear sending a ROV without a mean to recollect it via a security rope :)


Good point. It would be possible to create a fairly straightforward automatic rescue surfacing device, such as an inflatable balloon with CO2 cartridge that would be triggered by depth (e.g. > 150') or time (e.g. > 2 hours).

This wouldn't be without weaknesses, and not useful for cave missions, but it would be possible.



Good point. Also, trickle charging the ROV from the surface will require a tether as well.


during the wrinting a buissinesplan i found this artikel about Ultrasonic Signal Work for Video