UK OpenROVers / ROV enthusiasts - meetup?


Do any of you UK based ROVers fancy a regular / semi regular meetup? Maybe coinciding with a mini Maker Faire, or just a meet and chat over coffee / other suitable beverage?

I'm based in the North West (Liverpool to be precise) but certainly not averse to traveling UK wide.

If anyone is interested in a chat, or a chat about having a chat then please reply below or message me on here or Twitter (@shrkey)

Bit about me:

Ok, so I've been lurking on this site for quite a while now and learnt a lot. I started building an ROV based loosely on the openROV. Got annoyed at the unavailability of locally available parts and extortionate import fees and decided creativity is the way to go :)

So I've designed / am designing a different style ROV, but also trying to have any new parts I develop be able to be fitted back into a standard OpenROV (where possible of course).


Hi Barry. Only discovered this web a couple of days ago. After looking for ideas and info on building A ROV. I live in Stafford and would be interested in meeting other like mind people. Have a software back ground, but being doing marine photograph for about 20 years. I think of buy a kit…


HI David, anyone else

We’ll be at the UK Maker Faire in April (in Newcastle) if you fancy coming along for a chat, etc…

We’ll be there both days on the stand with the big tank of water :slight_smile: so please do pop by and say hi.



OpenROV may be attending MakerFaire in St. Malo April 11. I don’t know if you are interested in getting on the ferry from Portsmouth or elsewhere but it would be great to meet with some of the UK folks out there. We can chat ROVs, do some mods, make repairs, or simply go for a pint.



Oooh tempted, but that’s the weekend of my birthday so I think family might be a bit annoyed if I head off to play :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Probably not the best of places to inject this random request, but I was wondering if there are any groups near London who are interested in the OpenROV. I don’t have much of a background in this stuff, but I’d be keen to pitch in for one and explore some projects.



Hi Barry and All,

I am based in Workington, Cumbria. I am also working on a home designed ROV and have found this forum very informative. Mine is 3D printed.
So far I have the thrusters built and tested and most of the framework.
I am planning on attending the Newcastle Makerfair in April, probably on the Saturday.




Just took delivery of an OpenRov 2.7 a little overwhelmed where do you you start?


Hi Chris - suggest you consult this forum & various build pages prior to each stage where you will find invaluable tips from others who have taken some of the trial and error out of it.

have fun!



There is also Manchester Mini Maker Faire (Not an official Make one any
more due to licensing costs) on 8th Aug 2015 - 9th Aug 2015, it is
completely free for people to come and see -

Applications are currently open (till May 17th) - visit

for details and apply for a table.


I’ll add Manchester to my Calendar.

Liverpool Makefest is on in June ( 27th ) - at Liverpool Central Library

We’re running a microROV workshop and competition there ( ) - times yet to be confirmed but should be a fun day.


Definitely read through the instruction steps a few times (make sure you click on the extra images on each step). The most stressful part (in my opinion) is gluing the acrylic pieces - always find myself holding my breath at that point - but it’s relatively straightforward :slight_smile: honest.



Where did you source your batteries from, I managed to find some on e-bay, 3200mAh Li FePO4 same length slightly smaller diameter, I will be starting the assembly later this week hopefully, As I live just north of Edinburgh I might pop my head in at Newcastle on the 25/26th.




Hi Chris ( & everyone ) - i will be interested to hear about Scottish dive sites when you get your Openrov in the water. Didnt realise you were based in Bonnie Scotland.

i’m over in Glasgow and intending to build a hybrid of Openrov 2.5B electronics on a more robust home-brew frame. (thats the plan anyway - will post a build thread when theres something in evidence to show for it ) Currently sorting out a problem with a faulty ESC and a foolish operator, which has set things back a bit.

i dare say it will take me a couple of months yet, but i cant wait to get it in the deep water on the west coast! wish i’d started months ago and done it over winter & been ready to roll in the fine weather that’s now suddenly upon us.

wish everyone success with their own endeavours and look forward to the diving.



I’ll also be at Newcastle, have got the stand behind Dark Water Barry. I’ve got an Open ROV which has been flown a few times. I’m based near Peterhead, North East Scotland. I regularly travel to Edinburgh and Glasgow as a coordinator for Code Club and would be happy to meet like minded individuals. Currently building a Raspberry Pi based ROV, will have some of the parts with me at Newcastle.



Hi Chris

Sorry - didn’t spot this question. I got the older version of the batteries a while ago (before the recent switch), ordered directly from Fasttech in the US -

If you manage to get to Newcastle, do come and say hi. As Martin mentions above - we’re both next door to each other - look for the pirate flag (assuming they let us put it up :slight_smile: - never been to this venue before).



Hi Stuart

I’ve just completed my 2.7, made a couple of schoolboy errors, nothing which can’t be rectified, biggest problem was epoxying the wiring harness to form a watertight seal, I may have to order a new harness and end caps,
I have dry run the ROV and everything looks good, there is a slight roll misalignment on the IMU which I hope to resolve in the software.

I think it will be a couple of months yet before I am ready to get my feet wet, I trying to persuade a friend to loan me his swimming pool for my maiden dive.

I’II let you know how I get on.



HI Chris, All,

ive started my build-log here:-

it certainly will be a slow burner,
but hopefully ( inshallah ) culminating in a dive on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, if its before the year’s out then so much the better - but unfortunately dont get a great deal of time to play with my toys

kind regards


Hi folks,
Open rov #3724 arrived in Aberdeenshire at Xmas, am currently in build and hope to get in water in spring. Hopefully in Portsoy habour, or a friends quarry.
Thx Rory


Hi Guys,

I’m based in the South East, where coastal waters are akin to soup and lakes are the domain of the private landowners. Anyway, I have been able to venture out with some success and have now located friendly water worth exploring.

I’m wondering what everyone else in the UK is up to. Did any of the meets come off, or are we still solo elites. It would be good to see this feed active and maybe some projects.