UK/EU alternative to the epoxy listed in the BOM


Hi all, Im with a University society who are wanting to build the ROV, but we are having trouble sourcing the listed epoxy here in the UK. has anyone used a more readily available alternative?



I've used general "2-ton" (not 5-minuet) epoxy that comes with a mixing nozzle. From what I've found so far, these slower-curing epoxies seem to work just fine!



Thanks Eric, I’ll look for a slow cure type here in the UK, and post our results


I'll make a deal with you Matt...if you can send me a set of 3 graupner props I'll send you a tube of E90FL?


If I knew what they were I’d consider it!


They are on the BOM for version 2.6. They are a better propeller designed for submarining and such…Supplier is in the UK…and I have to jump thru hoops with my bank because of Osama bin laden…


Don’t tell me plastic propellors are now component parts of a wmd?


No some kind of overseas financial transaction regulation…


Hi Eric, i've found a supplier for this product in the uk, but it doesnt have the mixing applicators, is the applicator gun a necessity, as I cant find that either!