UK based builder looking for laser cutting


Hi everyone,

Just joined after following the project on and off for a while now. I’m really inspired to have a try at building an OpenROV from scratch but would like to try tinkering with some of the “guts” of the system. Essentially, I want to start off with the acrylic parts and just substitute / modifying the internals.

Can anybody point me in the direction of a reputable cutting firm where I can get the CAD files translated into something physical? Or is there someone here in the UK with the equipment to help?



Hi Gareth,

I’m in the UK and have just joined liked yourself. I’m interested in laser cutting services and I think I will be contacting these guys below at some point.

Please let me know if you have some success with these guys or elsewhere


Hi David,

No worries - i have asked for a quote from someone and will let you know how that comes out. With the firm you are looking at, i did notice they had a minimum £150 order for cutting. OpenROV have now re-added the "shell-only" kit to the store - At $245 plus shipping it may be a better option considering it also includes the E-Chassis and battery tubes, etc

regardless, I will keep you updated,




Hi Dave,

Just for info I have got a quote from a firm in Northampton ( I have asked them to cut everything except the end caps for the e-tube as everything else can be done in 3mm acrylic (doubling up on a couple of chassis items so i can cement together to give 6mm). The change in different thickness material was making it expensive so i'm hoping to just order the v.2.6 end caps direct from OpenROV when i order the control board.

I have also specced Acrylic for the main shell rather than polypropylene because I can fit the e-chassis parts on to the same sheet so reducing cost - i will just deal with the increased density.

Overall I have fit all the components onto two 500mm x 300mm sheets, giving a total supply and cutting quote of £43 which i'm happy with.




Hi Dave and Gareth,

Glad to hear you are getting somewhere with laser cutting at a sensible cost.

I am also embarking on a OpenRov build in the UK and have so far sourced most of the electronics and electrical bits.

I am interested in the laser cutting service from that you mentioned but I am away on holiday at the moment and have only occasional internet access so have only just picked this up.

Have you already put in an order with them? If not, I was wondering if they might give a discount for a bulk order ?

Either way, it would great to hear how you get on.



Hey Kev,

Yep, they have done my cutting and are sending it to me next week. I will let you know what the quality is like when it arrives, though I don’t envisage there being a problem.

Where did you source all the electronics?



Hi Gareth,

That's great, I will be very interested to know how you get on.

I won't have access to the details of where I sourced the electronics until I am back in the UK on 7th August, I can let you know then.

I do know that I bought the controller board and topside interface board direct from OpenRov.



Why don't you try and find a local hackspace and cut it yourself. That way you will be able to get new parts made if any get broken. I also purchased only the controller board from OpenROV and sourced everything else myself.