Twisted pair adaptor ordering information *with discount* ("Energy Transformation Systems" product)


Friends, A message I received from "" VP Joe Rosenberger:

Hi, Frank,

The part number of the balun in question is EBS-10BASET-2C-ST but it doesn’t appear yet on our website. We’ve refined the terminal design a few times and wanted to wait until we had a final and proven design before we offered it on the site.

The list price for the part is $31.50 each, but we offer it to OpenROV kit builders for $23.60 each. We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery. AmEx, Paypal, or check. Just call Michele at 800-752-8208.

Items are in inventory and can ship same day as ordered.

And yes, we’d love to be mentioned in your comments section on the website or blog. Just let me know if there is any info or photos I can furnish, and I’ll get them right to you!

Our new website should be up and launched in the next few weeks (you know how slowly that goes), and should be easy to navigate and informative as well. Let us know how it all goes!!


Joe Rosenberger

VP Marketing & Sales


Thanks for posting this, Frank.


Neat stuff. I will say I'm amused that after all these years, 10mbit ethernet is going back to 2-conductor cabling, which is actually where it started.


is this the version that is described in the videos that have a small pigtail?