Twin-camera version possible in future?


Late to the party I know, but nevertheless…

Is there a possibility of having twin cameras in future versions of Trident for true 3D viewing through NVidia 3DVision/Oculus/Vive?

Or, as alternative for the upcoming single-camera version, some kind of clip-on accessory that works like a pair of trench-periscopes, pulling left and right “eye” viewpoints into the single onboard camera as a single image, which could then be separated later in software?



Hey Jim!

Trident has one built in camera but you’re definitely not the first to bring up the idea of a stereoscopic camera add on. Trident has a hole pattern (50mm spaced M3 holes) on the bottom, and there is a WiFi interface that should allow many of the off-the-shelf camera systems coming out to communicate with the OpenROV software. We’re focusing on the core design of Trident right now but support for those sorts of things should start emerging once they start shipping. Incidentally, we’ve found that stereoscopic imagery doesn’t add as much to the VR experience as you’d think. As a priority, 360-degree (or other wide angle) field of view seems to help much more with immersiveness. It’s exciting to us that so many products are coming out that support this kind of thing, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they can integrate with the Trident platform.

Thanks for the good question!