TTRobotix Seawolf


Just found this in the web: TTRobotix Seawolf

Dynamically diving underwater drone, low cost, RTR, GoPro. Nice gadget. The commercial underwater ‘drone’ market is openened!


Looks like Taiwanese toymaker “Thunder Tiger” decided to retool their RC submarine:


Yes, it’s apparently a redesign of the Neptune-1. TT in TTRobotix seems to stand for Thunder Tiger as it says ‘© by Thunder Tiger’ on the bottom of their web pages.

Compared to OpenROV it’s larger and heavier, it goes only to 10m and can dive only dynamically with no vertical props.According to their web site, It comes either with a WIFI buoy and 10m of tether or without a buoy and 30m of tether and a reel.

There are also some videos on youtube.


Hi Stefan -
always interesting to see what is available commercially and to see how they have solved the design to meet a price point and what the relative pro’s/cons are.

Do you know roughly what the cost of this system is?

the most economical ‘proprietory’ systems i am aware of are thus, with approximate price for basic equipment, all very different approaches ! :-
( NOTE this is not an advertisement or endorsement of any of the equipment but only in the name of research ) starts at £2,000 GBP for RB-50 ( Eprons Ltd of Latvia) starts at £3,000 GBP ( Deep Trekker Ltd of Canada ) starts at £4,000 GBP ( Aquabotix Ltd, USA )

there are also some chinese manufacterers in particular "Beijing Dingshang Technology company"but they have never responded to my enquiries!



Hi Stuart,

thanks for the links you provided. I didn’t know the Eprons Cheaprov product. It really seems that the evolution of a low-cost ROV market is speeding up.

In this artice they say that the TTRobotix ROV will start at 999$ and will be on sale from August.


youre welcome Stefan - likewise thanks for the TTrobotix link.

The Eprons systems appear to be very nicely built - there is a video somewhere showing their workshop & the craftmanship is clearly evident . These guys have earned their stars building proper industrial systems as competitors to the video-rays and so forth.



sorry not an advertisement - just an appreciation of quality!


@milne50 - Not sure about your side of the pond, but here in the US the Deep Trekker is considerably less expensive than either the Eprons or Aquabotix. They also sell on eBay (including refurb units from time to time). There’s also the Gnom “Baby” ( which typically compares favorably to other low cost ROV’s. Russian made products aren’t very easily purchased here so we don’t see them very often, although they are pretty popular in E. Europe and elsewhere.


Hi Stretch - yes the GNOM system do look really nice - i spoke to them a while back whilst realising that i couldnt afford a ‘pro’ rov !

its worth noting that with many of these systems including deep trekker / gnom the quoted base price often excludes desirable functionality such as depth & heading sensors. Add another 1000 sheets for that luxury ! certainly in European market that is the case.

if money were no object i would be tempted to splash it on " Observer 3.2 " made by our French cousins, lovely battery powered system -

but , i shall continue to tinker with my OpenROV since (when complete…) it will do what i want it to.
Where would the fun be in ready-to-run fancy machine anyway ? ;o)



I wonder what the spec of the TTRobotix tether is? and whether it could be applicable to OpenROV ?!?!?!?

Does anyone know what Deep Trekker use for their tether? im ‘supposing’ its optic fibre due to the narrow diameter?



My understanding is that Deep Trekker uses a proprietary tether composed of two twisted pairs and a strength member for the DTG2. I’m not sure what the makeup of the DTX2 tether is.


That could well be correct Stretch - i had in my head that the DT tether was a miniscule 3mm diameter. spec sheet states it is in fact 5mm diameter which sounds plausible for the make-up which you describe above.

i have sent an enquiry to thunder tiger out of curiosity & see if they surrender the info . ( and chasing the holy grail of cost effective neutrally bouyant tether for the OpenROV. )

kind regards


@milne50 - You might have been thinking of the smaller GNOM models which come with a negatively buoyant 3mm tether (which is composed of a single, coaxial cable). They also offer a thicker, neutrally buoyant tether.

IMHO there’s never been a better time to build or buy your own mini ROV than right now. Eight years ago, when I built my first mini-ROV, I literally had to build every component by hand and the least expensive commercially available ROV was a VideoRay Scout. Now, you can build a reasonably complete ROV from a kit in a weekend, or buy one off the shelf for as little as 1/10th of what I had to pay.


This is the video for TTRobotix tether SeaWolf OCEAN MASTER… the video has the Seawolf in ACTION…