Trying to build image with Vagrant


Hi I'm trying to build the image using Vagrant on Mac OSX I'm able to complete the first part and create the environment using Virtual box and Vagrant but when I run ./ I always get the following.

agrant@precise32:/vagrant$ ./
npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http GET
npm http 200
moment@2.1.0 node_modules/moment
Welcome to the OpenROV image builder!

return binding.stat(pathModule._makeLong(path));
Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory '/vagrant/work/node/tools/blog/node_modules/.bin/marked'
at Object.fs.statSync (fs.js:684:18)
at rmDir (/vagrant/build.js:139:18)
at rmDir (/vagrant/build.js:142:13)
at rmDir (/vagrant/build.js:142:13)
at rmDir (/vagrant/build.js:142:13)
at rmDir (/vagrant/build.js:142:13)
at rmDir (/vagrant/build.js:142:13)
at main (/vagrant/build.js:29:2)
at Object.<anonymous> (/vagrant/build.js:147:1)
at Module._compile (module.js:456:26)

Can someone help



Hm. What version of virtualbox are you running? I am using 4.2.10 because at the time the latest version was having compatibility issues with vagrant.



4.2.16 which is the latest on Mac OS X, I will see if I can use an earlier version, I am using the latest version of vagrant v1.2.4


I've now tried the older version of virtualbox version 4.2.10 and it worked first time, any idea why?


I'll have to look for the thread I found when I first spun this up. The update had just come out hours before and there were some early threads reporting similar issues where down grading fixed it.


Hi Brian

I've managed to create ubuntu-12.04-r8-minimal-armhf-2013-07-20.tar.xz can you point me to where I can learn how to copy this to the SD card.




BTW, I'm still fiddling with the best way to burn the SD from OS/X. My current attempt includes standing up a 4G virtual drive and using that as the setup target from within the virtualbox linux VM and then doing a dd copy of that to the img file. I put the image file in the /vagrant folder so that it is easily accessed in the "shared" folder which is the openrov-image folder in OSX. The img can then be burned using standards OS/X tools.

Also when burning images to the SD card on the mac, if you use the command-line tools targeting the rdisk vs disk device allows unbuffered access which increases write speed by about 7X.

Let me know how you end up finishing the workflow.



I followed the following link to add the SDCard as a drive. I could then use the tools within VirtualBox


I've created a blog entry of the process here

Thanks for your help