Trustfire battery chargers failing


Is anyone having problems the Trustfire chargers? I have had 2 fail in the last week. I have checked the input voltage and cycling(freq) all good.



I have had a battery charger fail. It has failed on one side, so it only gives a green LED on that side. The other side does not charge. Is that the same issue that you have?



I had 2 complete failures, both sides. I have replaced them with Nitecore
i2 intelligent chargers, really impressed. Using the last Trustfire one for
a back up.


I have the LiFePO4 batteries and you can not charge them with the Nitecore i2. Right now I have 5 working “slots” so I can manage to get the batteries charged, but it is a pain to have to charge one after all of the others…

Has anyone else had this issue?


The Nitecore 2i I have will charge lipo batteries. I put the batteries in, the charger “checks the battery”, then I hold the mode button on the side for 3 seconds, the lipo icon comes up on the screen. Hope that helps.