Trustfire batteries shut down when turning


whenever I turn my ROV on in water and drive it around, it shuts down after a little bit. I read through the forums and found someone with a similar problem. Apparently, turning uses full power which shuts down the trustfire batteries. I can’t get different batteries, so I need help with how to reprogram it so that the speed setting effects turning.


You might try to update your software to the latest image and the turns should be smoother.

Why can’t you get different batteries? Just curios. The new ones are way way better.



This is a school project we don’t have much funding for new batteries. I may be able to get some, but its a small school and shipping anything to Alaska is expensive.

From what I’ve read, the full speed when turning was added because people wanted more power when turning because of the tether drag. Later, it was patched because it overloaded Trustfires.

I am using the latest version: OpenROV-2.5.1-108.img.7z The turning speed issue should be patched unless they reintroduced it now that a lot of people use the Batteryspace batteries.