Troubleshooting: Wireless radio not powering up


Hello all

New Trident user here. Have only taken a couple of dives around NYC and have run into a power issue.
30 mins into the last dive the the wireless radio lost power. I couldn’t get it to power up.

After drying, I checked the Trident and it is fully charged but will not power the wireless radio.


Thank you


Hi Mark,

The most common cause for this sort of behavior is that the tether connector isn’t tightened enough on one end or the other. Since the vehicle was working fine before, my presumption is that the topside connection would be the first place to try tightening. Please let us know how that goes- I’d really like to know if this is some other sort of trouble. Also- was there any physical change (like a sudden bump or yank on the tether) associated with when the drop-out happens? The system should be very robust against that stuff, but good to know about for debugging purposes. Thanks for the feedback!



Hi Eric

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.
I checked the connection and tightened, but no change.

The machine stopped working taking it out from one side of the dock and moving it to the other. The propellers were still responsive even after making it topside. As soon as I put it in the water, I noticed there was no power to the wireless radio. I’ve checked the Trident and it has power. It’s just not getting to the radio

Full disclosure: I was remiss in forgetting to use the tail straps as directed when deploying from a dock.

What do you think our next steps should be? We are hoping to use it this summer in several classes at the American Museum of Natural History. I’m also available by e-mail or phone 212-313-7947

Thank you very much