Troubleshooting Help Needed


I can see the cockpit and camera and can successfully upload the arduino firmware and I can program my ESC with a program card. The control board has a power light.

The cockpit reports 0V, will not respond to keyboard commands, and I cannot calibrate the ESC. Example when I try calibration the motor does not drive and the ESC does not double beep. I have no telemetry from IMU

Calibration: I get continuous beeping then hit the reset and get one beep then move slider to 1 and hit reset (no beep no motor).

I have 2.7 board, factory assembled db25, old style black ESC and IMU. I disconnected the home plug from the controller board as an attempt to buypass. I am still using the tether USB plug to power on and off, I have not jumpered anything on the control board.


From what you are describing, it sound like there is no communications between the beaglebone and the controller card, from what I gather the programming and telemetry/control are done on separate ports (I think it is UART for programming and SPI for telemetry) Can you confirm what you are seeing in the telemetry window in the cockpit, is there any data coming back from the control board?

I would suggest checking out the log file /var/log/openov.log


Update: New Snag (only port motor goes in reverse)

Partial Fix: I saw a thread that described what happens when you wire the IMU wrong. Cutting the IMU off the ROV resulted in getting the correct battery V reading in the dashboard and the keyboard controls work.

New Snag: Only the port can go forward and reverse, the rest can only go forward. While programming the port I got two beeps on (1) and three beeps on (2) and then the motor began moving. On the vert I got the same beep sequence, however the motor never started moving. It responds to control but only in the forward direction. Clicking “reverse motor” doesn’t result in anything.


The ESC’s lost their programming. Using the programming card I reset them and everything works now.

Note: The IMU I have has a burned spot in the epoxy where some short was turning it into a little easy bake oven.