Troubleshooting Guides


At OpenROV HQ one of the things we've working on is creating interactive troubleshooting guides. These guides follow a decision tree model, much like what Eric wrote about previously. In creating these guides, we are mining the Forums for both unique and common problems that arise, thereby leveraging the knowledge, experiences, and ideas of the OpenROV community!

Troubleshooting resources will be posted on a page that can be found under Documentation, on the top navigation bar of the website.

Troubleshooting Guides

We are currently working to complete the guide to troubleshoot Cockpit connection problems, but are also looking to you, the OpenROV Community, for input and inspiration.

If you have an idea about a troubleshooting guide or resource you think would be useful, describe it in a comment below!


Hello Lauglin!

I just finished my ROV and did a bit of troubleshooting. I have an electronics background and have done some technical writing. Perhaps I can assist when I am in the area.




More support and ideas in the troubleshooting realm would be awesome!

I just sent you a PM with my email.

Looking forward to talking more,