Troubleshooting: Get voltage to the onboard Tenda


Built a 2.8, was working fine (could control motors, lights, etc from the cockpit)
As directed, I had LEDs soldered to J1 and J2 (inner leads), and J3/J4 soldered to lasers (outer leads).
However, the p and o buttons seemed to control laser brightness instead of LEDs, so I switched them.
*Is this an error in the manual

The BBB refused to boot up when I did that, so I put them back

Now the BBB boots up fine (makes the sound and has the back-and-forth light pattern that indicates successful boot).
However, the onboard tenda has no power. J9 and J10 have no volts. I can’t find schematics, but I’m hoping I can by pass whatever switch was blown.


Here is the board schematic



I’m not an expert at reading these, but it looks like if I can hook up 3V to the middle electrode at J9, then I can power the Tenda. Not sure where the best place to steal it from would be though.

Super strange that this happened. All I did was click reset on the onboard tenda. if there was a short I would have expected OC1 or the BBB to fail, but it works fine.

I’ve swapped in different Tendas but can’t get the Tenda power LCD to light up.