Troubleshoot some of our issues...gamepad? condensation/water? rust? remove motors?


We are still in need of some help with some issues...please comment if you have a solution:

- gamepad control...can copy the updated code to put into gamepad.js but unsure how to save changes in cockpit?
- water in the camera tube along with condensation...still had condensation but this time a little bit of water too? Better way to seal the device?
- rust on top motor...sprayed before dive and wiped dry after dive - unsure of how to remove props/motors to rinse with water and alcohol?
- acsend/descend seem to be switched...fix with code and load onto ROV?

We are hoping to work on the ROV later this week and test in pool again to see if we have the problems resolved...Many Thanks!

143-Condensation.jpg (380 KB) 144-rust.jpg (537 KB)