Trouble with Tenda P200


Originals that came with kit worked fine but failed after two weeks.Bought new set which worked for 5 min then quit.I hate to buy another set if there is something else at fault. Also does anyone have a schematic of Tenda p200 or know where to get one? Any advice on connection problems


Hey Maxwell,

How did the Tenda adapters fail in your case?


I had a previous pair that came with my kit.The worked fine for about 20hrs. on and off. Then they stopped communication.The topside one was ok but control board unit had no power lite. Purchased another set and plugged in to topside interface d.It worked for 5 min. then quit.The second one from the new set had only power lite and would not connect to Ethernet. Tried good unit in both topside and control board postions and still works fine.I did that to see if something was wrong control board or topside adapter.Plugging right into Beagle all systems work fine.Have another set of Tenda’s on order.This time I will check them before I open them.