Trouble With ESC's Upon Start Up


Hello All,

I am still very new to the OpenROV as well as the OpenROV Community so I do apologize if this is something that has been asked in the forum prior to this, but I could not seem to find any discussions with a similar issue.

I have set up all the components of the OpenROV v2.6 for bench testing, it is currently running on a 12v 1A power supply, I programmed (and ultimately calibrated) the ESC’s and connected to cockpit on my first attempt; however on my initial trials I could not get video feed, I would only receive a single frozen frame from the initial camera view at the second the Cockpit was started. I believe this may have been an issue with the browser (Mozilla) so I am now running on chrome as suggested, aside from the video feed, all motor controls were functional, but a new issue has been occurring now.

My current issue:

Without having physically changed anything I was suddenly unable to connect to the cockpit at all, after having connected smoothly during the initial start ups without issues aside from the video feed. I read through as many forum discussions as I could regarding this issue and according to what I gathered from the posts all the correct LEDs were lit (LED8, LED7, LED6 on Arduino) and/or flashing (Homeplug connect, and blue LED0 on BBB at 1 second intervals).

I did notice however, that upon power up --after maybe 25 seconds or so-- the ESC(‘s) would begin to create an audible ticking sound (it may have only been audible from the Port ESC but it’s difficult to distinguish) and it also produced a corresponding blinking (from the red ESC LED) I believe all 3 ESCS were flashing; once this ticking/flashing starts to occur, it continues and the system will not connect to cockpit even if the ESC’s are THEN switched to the OFF position. I did find that if the ESC’s are all switched to the OFF position DURING start up, the cockpit will connect as it should and the video feed will work nicely, then once cockpit is operable if the ESC’s are switched to the ON position, everything including the video feed and the motors are functional.

This is a constant issue I am having as the cockpit software will not connect with the ESC’s in the ON position.

I have:

Disconnected and reconnected repeatedly, full power off restarts, browser restarts, I have tried connecting the Ethernet cable directly from the laptop to the BBB, I also followed the instructions on “Installing The Software” on the Wiki OpenROV site and wrote the “OpenROV-2.5-29.img” Image to an SD and proceeded to follow the original “Upload firmware from SD card to Arduino” procedure as before.

As of now nothing has cleared up this issue, and I cannot find any other forum discussion about this specific problem.

If possible any applicable suggestions or troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated, I really do not know how to proceed about this issue. This OpenROV has yet to see the water as this is an issue I have discovered just in my initial bench testing.




You mentioned that you are using a 1A power supply. This will not have enough current to run the ROV. As soon as you try to do anything I suspect it's dropping the voltage or shutting down. Try using your batteries which can source the current needed.



I just tested and confirmed your suggestion, great catch! I would have never thought the amperage was causing this issue. I really appreciate your help!